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Pearl Children’s Home, established in 2006 in Jinja, Uganda, is a non-political, non-sectarian child-focused community service organization whose purpose is to reach out to children living in desperate situations, i.e. HIV/Aids orphans, war orphans, displaced children and other vulnerable children living in crisis.


To provide shelter, care, education and life skills enabling orphaned children to realize their full potential and become self-reliant, independent, productive members of society.

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Kirangi Rosette, moved by compassion for the hundreds of suffering children living around her own community, founded Pearl Children’s Home so that the hope, expectations and aspirations of these children would be restored.

Rosette, Founder of Pearl Children's Home

Rosette, Founder of Pearl Children’s Home

In Uganda there many children who can’t go to school because they lack scholastic materials like books, pens and pencils, to mention a few. Many girls drop out of school due to lack of sanitary napkins. The pre-mature deaths of the productive age group due to the HIV/AIDS scourge plus the 30-year civil war, especially in the Northern parts of Uganda, left a number of helpless orphans. Many old and poor grandparents were left with the burden of taking care of several of their orphaned grandchildren.

“In 2004, after I had attended several funerals of people who had succumbed to AIDS, I had the thought of starting a children’s home to help these desperate children. In 2006 I met Ken Goyer, the founder of Aid Africa, with whom I shared this burden. Supported by Ken and the generosity of Aid Africa, I started the Pearl home in June 2006. It is registered with the Directorate of Gender and Community service, Jinja District. After the passing of Ken in 2013, we have been supported by many of his generous friends ever since.”

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